Fitore Muzaqi


Fitore Muzaqi was born in Kosovo and came to Germany in 1995. She is a writer, director & creative producer from Cologne. She studied Literature, Culture, Media & Social Sciences at the University of Siegen. During her studies, she was especially interested in topics like child rearing, educational differences and power structures. In her Master’s, she pursued her passion for film and began studying Communicative Arts – Narrative Environments at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig / Braunschweig University of Art. After her studies, she worked as a creative producer for WDR, Cologne-based production companies and, most recently, for the young broadcaster Cosmo WDR in a serial online format. As a director, she focusses on music videos and documentaries, while her work as a writer deals with cultural differences, feminist issues and injustice. Since September 2021 she studies the MA in Serial Storytelling at the international film school Cologne (ifs).

She’s an active board member of AG DOK West, a member of WIFT Germany, ProQuote Film, VDD (German Screenwriters Association).

2021 | Director: Musicvideo KLEINE HUNDE-DIE REICHEN, DOP Sabine Stephan, Costume Leah Bauthamy, PD Janina Wittmann

2021 | Director / Producer: MEINE NARBE (Web Series, WDR COSMO)

2021 | Director: Documentary Hella & Bernd | 102 m. | Editing: Nicole Schmeier, AE J. Compére, P: F. Muzaqi, Robin Dittwald

2020 | Director: Musicvideo CONNY – Drake ist auch nicht glücklich, DOP Sabine Stephan, Costume Leah Bauthamy

2020 | Producer: INTERMEZZO | feature film | D: Kim Lêa Sakkal, DOP: Paul Faltz, Set Design: Renate Mihatsch, Ashley Ohman

2020 | Unit Manager: Lu von Loser (Web Series) R: Alice Gruia; DOP: Thorsten Schönrade; P: Christopher Albrodt

2019 | Producer: Musicvideo Milky Chance - Rush; D: Fabian Podeszwa, DOP: Paul Faltz, Set Design: Renate Mihatsch

2019 | Producer: Martin Tiet - Im Himmel läuft das Herbstprogramm | feature film | D: Bazon Rosengarth, DOP: Hannah Platzer

2019 | Unit Manager: Vatersland | Spielfilm; 118 m. | D: Petra Seeger, DOP: Hajo Schomerus; P: Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk

2019 | 1. AD: Die Schützin; | feature film | drama | 20 min. | D: Simon Baucks, DOP: Claire Jahn, Producer: Nico Scheunenpflug

2018 | Producer: Omar Sharif - Aus dem Leben eines Nomaden | Florianfilm Köln (52 min.; ARTE, ZDF)

2018 | Producer: SAY WUFF! | feature film | drama | 24 min. | R: Fabian Podeszwa, DOP: Paul Faltz

2018 | Junior Producer: Es war schön | feature film | 24 min. | R: Naomi Kantor, DOP: Mathias Hanspach, P: Marius Kimmel

2017 | Producer/Director: music video DrewXhill - Adamantium

2015 | Director: short Documentary abroad


2021Jury SEE THE SOUND SoundTrack_Cologne

2021 | Campaign manager LETsDOK NRW - Documentary Film Festival

2021 | Production Manager COSMO WDR

2021 | Crowdfunding-Campaign for the Documentary HELLA & BERND via Kickstarter

2020 | Campaign manager LETsDOK NRW - Documentary Film Festival

2020 | Online Producer at Westdeutscher Rundfunk (2019-2020)

2019 | Junior Producer: COIN FILM GmbH Köln

2017 | Trailer Producer @ ACT HQ Köln / WDR

2017 | Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft @ TU Braunschweig Gender & Diversity Studies (2016-2017)


2021 | MA Serial Storytelling @ ifs (internationale Filmschule Köln)

2016 | MA Communication Arts / Narrative Environments at Braunschweig University of Art

2013 | BA University of Siegen: Literature, Culture, Media studies & Social sciences


2020 | »Summer School Screenwriting Advanced« with Keith Cunningham (internationale Filmschule Köln)

2020 | AG DOK Seminar: Dramaturgy and documentary (with Dr. Kerstin Stutterheim, KHM Köln)
2019 | »Summer School Screenwriting« with Keith Cunningham (internationale Filmschule Köln)
2019 | WIFT meeting: Diversity & Casting - wish or reality? (with Susanne Ritter, Gerda Maria Hein, Dixie Schmiedl)

2019 | AG DOK Seminar: Crowdfunding (with Valentin Thurn & Christine Kiauk)

2018 | Seminar and Development Workshop with Tom Schlesinger on Dramedy (internationale Filmschule Köln)

2018 | AG DOK Seminar: Film editing and montage (with Gabriele Voss)

2016 | "shooting leibniz" international short film programm (Up-and-coming Filmfestival Hannover)

2014 | WDR grenzenlos Talentwerkstatt Teilnehmerin

2011 | Redaktionsleitung CAMPUS TV Siegen (2011-2013)

2010 | WDR Praktikum im Bereich Regie